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About The Self Healing Brain
carolyn hansen
Hi, I'm Carolyn Hansen, a health and nutrition expert with a deeply personal interest in brain health.

Years ago my mother was suddenly diagnosed with severe amnesic dementia. It came as a completely shock to everyone who knew her.

Overnight my life changed completely as I struggled to come to grips with our new reality while trying at the same time to take care of my mother. To say it was a trying time would be massively understating the challenges involved when a family member begins to lose their mind.

By the time my mother passed away I had learned a lot about the hardships of having to deal with poor brain health, but I learned relatively little about the underlying cause of it. In the years since I have tried to correct this situation and now lasting brain health is a passion of mine.

On this site you will find several articles about ways you might incorporate lifestyle habits which counter cognitive decline as you move beyond your middle years. You'll also find resources to help with this goal.

Carolyn Hansen